Dear LYKKE Customer!

We want to sincerely thank you for being our customer and that you train with us!
Our team is fully dedicated in developing our services and making sure that quality remains at top level in the future.

Recent times have put pressure on our operating costs and it appears that increase in variety of costs will continue in the near future. Due to this development, we are forced to increase our customer pricing from November 2022 onwards. We have considered the price increase thoroughly and we hope that you will understand our decision.

LYKKE Gym – Membership (incl. recorded video Group Fitness Classes) fee 33 € per month starting November 2022.
LYKKE Gym + Group Fitness Class – Membership fee 40 € per month starting November 2022.

If you have been our customer before LYKKE re-branding (October 2020) please notify us if you would like your membership to continue including live-instructed Group Fitness Classes.

In case you would like to continue with LYKKE Gym – Membership your membership will be automatically updated and you do not have to take any action.

Increase of monthly Membership fees will take force after 60 days from this notification.
First invoice with the new Membership fee will overdue in November 2022.
Please check if you e-invoice has a payment limit and make the adjustment accordingly.
​​​​​​​Thank you.

For our new LYKKE Customers, memberships starting 19.8.2022, the Membership fees will be
increased as follows:

LYKKE Gym – Membership fee (incl. recorded video Group Fitness Classes) 35 € per month.
LYKKE Gym + Group Fitness Class – Membership fee 45 € per month.
LYKKE for Women – Membership fee 60€ per month.